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French Government

What we do

The Certified Expert Consultant {CEO award is the ultimate accolade for expert consultants. Clients look for consultants who can add real value by delivering impartial solutions that achieve measurable results. The best guarantee of such consultants is the CEC award, the internationally recognized expert consultancy award,,,read more

The Institute is fully accredited by the French Government through the National Commission for Professional Certification. IE Expert Consultant Certification has been put at level 1 by the French Government which is the highest in France for Professional qualifications.

The Institute for Expertise (IE), France is an international Professional body established for the purpose of providing general expert consulting skill to senior professional in all types of specialist fileds, such as Financial Services Consulting, Human Resource Management Consulting, Recruitment Services Consulting, Legal services Consulting, Medical Services Consulting, Pharmaceutical Services Consulting, Marketing Services Consulting, Research service Consulting, Agricultural Services Consulting, etc. ..read more
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